Monday, September 22, 2014

Is Dating a Sport?

Since my last entry, my upcoming release, Cut to the Chase has found its home on Amazon's pre-order page! Can I get a whoop, whoop! Thanks.

 So of course I'm in full-throttle mode, writing book two in The Chase series and writing snippets down for the third installation (yep, there will be a third). Dealing with Christina, Nedra, Randi and Millie with their dating DOs and DON'Ts has sparked a flare in my thinking cap. And out of the blue a question pops into my ever racing mind.

Is dating a sport?

I know, I know. How can you compare the two? But think about it, how can you not?

In most instances, it's no longer, boy meets girl, dates girl and marries girl. It lingers a bit longer. More like boy meets girls, dates girls, dates girls, dates girls and oh yeah, dates girls.  Or of course vice versa.

Now this is all fine and dandy if no one is seeking more than a mere date here and there. But what if more is wanted? What if marriage is the ultimate goal?

Well just like different sports activities can be exciting and rewarding, the game ends and only one team wins. As well with dating, is it a game?

When you realize you are in the game, the sweating begins. The nervousness of doing, saying, and being what you think the other person wants plays a part. Do you tweak who you are, what you do and what you really want? Do you settle for what is offered knowing the package is only a third of what you know you need?

The chasing. Do you show your aggression by running toward someone who may be running from you?

Then there are the muscles. You guessed it. The heart muscles are stretched, pinched and pulled in every which away. And just like a torn ligament, it takes time and relaxation from the activity which the heart so dearly yearns.

Dating may have you sitting on the sideline at times but just like any trained sport, every act starts in the mind so never forget to plan your plays.

So I question. Do you think dating is used in a sport like manner? Who can get the trophy? Who gets the win?

Just a thought

~Keshia Dawn

Monday, September 1, 2014

Cut to the Chase

Are you at the age when you feel there definitely should to be a ring on your finger? Yes, that finger (Who came up with that rule anyway, right?) 

Ever think, "There has got to be a better way. What if I..." And you fill in the blank with the most hideous idea! Right, me either. 
For those who really are tired of the singleness or for those who are in stale relationships, just how far would you go to become a Mrs. to a Mr.? Online dating, impromptu hookups from your friends, singles events...jocking-your-friend's-dad? Oooooooooo or gross; you choose.
Just what is considered taboo, as far as women getting to the altar by any means necessary? Would you be willing to pay for all of the lunch dates, movie dates and let's not forget about putt-putt golf. 

What about buying airfare for the weekend get-a-way? Or hooking him up with a nice wardrobe when he turns you down for the black tie affair because he doesn't own a tux? Are you willing to slide your credit card once or twice?

Then there are the guys who keep you in limbo. You know, the ones who go by the rules, what she don't know won't hurt her and then fifty years later you find out he's an ax murderer. No really, it happens.

It's questionable how far us ladies should allow ourselves to be strung along hoping the right question will soon be asked. The one that leads with, "Will you be my..."

Should we help the naive, never gonna get it guys out or allow them to go at their own pace? Should we backdate our questions to find out what they really have going on or sit mum and look pretty. Don't forget to bat your eyelashes.

Whatever you choose, choose wisely. Cut to the chase and you may just cut off the path to what is really meant to be.

~ Keshia Dawn

CUT TO THE CHASE - Available October 7, 2014

With the support of one another, four friends battle the unwanted singleness that has engulfed them far too long. Seeking a resolution to walk down the aisle sooner than later, each come up with their own plan hoping it will lead them to become a Mrs. to the right Mr., even if it means cutting to the chase in order to do so.

Christina is a single mother and figures it’s time to allow someone into the world she has built for herself and her son Niko. When an old love reappears, she enlists the help of funny and witty Dr. Vile to help with her dating  dilemmas. Especially when Niko's principal adds to her confusion by letting her know he has more than pencils and paper on his mind.

Nedra is the mother-hen of the group. With her world revolved around being the church's secretary, taking notes for her dad who is also the pastor, Nedra is engulfed in a world she once ran from. Still holding herself hostage from mistakes from years ago, Nedra figures eating Twizzlers and online dating is all she deserves.

Unlike the other women, Randi has the greatest boyfriend in the world. Except he won't propose. At the age of thirty-one Randi figured Phillip would have asked for her hand in marriage by now. Not willing to wait another day, Randi has made a decision she believes Phillip will have no choice but to accept.

Millie, the youngest of the group is feisty and she knows it. In love with Mr. Wrong, her colorful vocabulary allows her to proclaim to be the long lost daughter of Blues singer Millie Jackson. Figuring a piece of a man is better than no man at all, Millie hangs on as Taser takes her through love's highs and lows.

Cut to the Chase takes readers through the woes of being single while fighting for hope through relationship possibilities.