Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Will Find a Way

It’s lovers’ day, a day set on printed calendars and the automatic timing in our hearts. Whether we know the origin of Valentines Day or not,  most of us are anticipating something special to happen or to be reminded how loved we are by that special someone. 

What if someone is waiting on you? 

In the busyness of everyday living,  fighting to create our own foundation, a hiccup in life can happen; we get consumed in our own world,  neglect our loved ones,  dropping the ball where it matters most and breaking hearts along the way. 

It hurts like crazy when friendships are shifted, devastation sets in when families become detached, leaving lives in shambles. But just as Lionel Richie sang so many years ago,  "Love Will Find A Way." Albeit I believe it has to come from a selflessness love zone.

A moment is all it takes to start the healing of broken hearts. "I'm truly sorry, " "I understand, " or "Let's talk about it," can do a tremendous work in the relationship department of any kind.  Instead of ignoring the pain of another you possibly ignited, why not take the first step in acknowledging where things went wrong and grow from there. 

This Valentines Day, there may be someone waiting on your love or the reconciliation to believe in love once more. Instead of waiting on your own fountain of love to flow your way,  why not pour back into that special someone who needs it most. 

                      1 Corinthians 13:7-8(NIV)

                It always protects, always trusts,                               always hopes, always perseveres.
                               Love never fails

XOXO ~Keshia Dawn