Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guard Your Heart;Choose You

It's no secret. I've shared my dating fears and how my actions  hindered me from promising relationships. My skepticism of what may happen was the brick wall built around my heart and an end to my beginnings. Though it's a hard pill to swallow, I take full responsibility knowing I single-handedly sabotaged a promising future with a few good men. It happens. I've learned.

In the midst of beating myself over the head about being the possible run-away girlfriend, I had to stop and think; things could be worse. Keeping your guard up just tad, just may save lives.

In the news, it's  hard to see young women continuously dying from the hands of a person who supposedly love them. In between the movies, dining and holidays together, there are dark moments others don't see until a young women is being carried away in a bodybag.

You see it on YouTube, Facebook, the vicious beating of a young lady by her husband or boyfriend. You hear of the latest tragic death of a beautiful woman due to domestic violence and you think, would she have still been here if she would have second guessed her choosing?

By second guessing of her choosing, I specifically mean for us as women to choose ourselves. When unhealthy relationships are on a merry-go-round rotation, no time given for self growth and staying because you're hopeful of a great turn-around, the past is bound to repeat itself. One slap now becomes two and two multiplies to four...and so on.

I wonder, almost worry about those who have the opposite experience as I had; having no fear in the dating department, but rather the fear of leaving.Staying with someone who abuses you because of the convenience and the possibility of things getting better can be detrimental to your future, if not your life.

I totally agree that the silent killer, heart disease is running rampant in our communities,but at least we are talking about it.We are exercising our way to fitness so our lives will be prolonged and our health remain intact. Silence needs to be broken for the abuse that is cutting off lives and leaving children without mothers.

In my latest release, S.L.O.W. Down, I talk indepth about walking away from situations which only bring you down, keep you down and beat you down. But the walking away part only begins with you.

It's time to get wise in our choosing, guarding our hearts against poisoned love. And though we can't dictate what others do and say, we are very capable of loving ourselves away from circumstances not befitting for us.

Choosing you just may save your life.

~Keshia Dawn

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