Sunday, April 27, 2014

Are You Married Yet?

Being a fiction writer, I’m often asked many questions having to do with my writing and my novels. “When is the next book coming out?” “How many books have you written?” And last but certainly not least, “Is that story about you?” Which the answer is, no. But that is about to change.
With my love for writing, I have been able to share my fiction stories with the world. I have readers who are dedicated to my craft and my characters and they always anticipate my next big release. For that I’ll forever be grateful.
As a writer, the world of readers are hardly ever interested in the author. As long as the characters are up to par and deliver, the author can be a ghostwriter and still get recognition. But for me personally, those around me and those who knew or know me will beg to differ. The reason why…it obviously has to do with my dating life.
With the attention and the “Are you …” questions surrounding my singledom increasing, it made me wonder, “Is this normal or am I the only single woman who feels as though scribbled writing on my forehead read, “Go ahead, ask me?” And then I guess when people get the imaginary go ahead, the question that follows is, “Are you married yet?”
It doesn’t matter where the questions are asked; church, work, grocery stores, even at funerals. My statistical world of embarrassing questions suggest, when the question is burning on the inside, it’s a done deal, they’re going to ask you. And of course women you know the rest. After I answer the magical, “nope,” the conversation then become, “Why not?” Geez.
It’s very often that I’m questioned by friends from years ago, ex-boyfriends, coworkers and even family members on my relational status. I don’t hold it against anyone at all . It’s a common topic and plus I’m the same nosey person who tend to ask the same question of others…go figure.
The time has come to share why I’m single and what was  holding me back. Yes, I'll tell it all in my upcoming non-fiction summer release. But until then....

 What do you answer when asked the,  "Why are you not married, " questions. 

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