Monday, December 29, 2014

All Questioned Out! Happy New Year!

Five,  four,  three,  two,  one!  Happy New Year! 

In just a couple of days most of us will be yelling at the tops of our lungs, moving 2014 out the door and ushering a crisp 2015 in. There will be prayers, cheering, tears and celebratory moments of welcoming in the new beginning. 

I must admit,  2014 was a challenge BUT it pushed me further and deeper into my purpose. I mean,  that's the reason for breathing,  right? Well, with that,  all I can say is that I'm thankful for my lessons and how they have catapulted me in my predestined direction. 

 Even still, I must admit my heart did ache as my relationships were being tested.  Whether romantic,  platonic,  family and even work, at one time or another my lifelines were on the surveying block.  

This past year I questioned the definition of family and support, needing the confirmation that the two really did belong in the same sentence. I questioned how much of myself did I have to give in order for my love to be confirmed.  I questioned if friendships would remain the same when I pulled back my emotional giving.  I even questioned if my corporate work ethic would pay off in title or monetary security; could I be fulfilled.

When I asked these questions to the One who made me, He answered in the simplest terms.

He sent a special person to fill a void I had felt for years. He let me know my love is to be given just as his love is ongoing. He confirmed that even in my pain,  there is a lesson and when giving yourself to others, expect nothing in return for He truly is all the friend I need. 

With two books released this year,  I can only say how thankful I am to have a gift that inspires others and fulfills me in my ultimate direction. 

Although I've forever known I was gifted to  encourage,  this year my purpose on this earth has manifest itself even the more and I'm so grateful that I know who and whose I am. It makes a difference.

The questions have ceased and I've found my peace and my direction. The one relationship that grew and blossomed even more was my spiritual bond with God. He covers a multitude of concerns,  heartache and disappointments and ultimately all the 2015 questions have already been answered. 

It's a wrap on last year and action time for 2015.  I dare look back with should've, could've,  would've thoughts but rather as a student in life knowing the teacher always answers right on time. 

Keshia Dawn

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