Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cuffing Season

It's the winter time and cuffing season has begun! Did you Inadvertently sign up? Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, I looked it up on the world wide web and this is the definition I found.

Cuffing season is a portion of the year when men shed their summer bachelor skin and start to feel lonely as the weather turns colder.

Hence, you just may become someone's boo for a good three to four months. Is that enough for you?

Although it seems as though this "cuffing season" no longer has specific months, around the holidays show to be the time when it is talked about the most. So just how do you avoid being a cuffee, er', how do you avoid getting cuffed instead of ringed? (I know, but it just sounded right).

We need to know, right ladies? Why? Because some men come out the wood works with the phone calls and texting and the, "you know I miss you right?" <Exhale here>

Help! I want to know.

Is there a cutoff month to pass your number to a new guy in order to start the whole dating process without being trapped in a season that will come to an unwanted end?

Like, if you miss the last hot summer concert in August without meeting a potential, should you stock up on Red Box movies and microwave popcorn for the holiday/winter season?

What about October? Is that pushing it? You know when the sun hides behind the Fall clouds.  Do you cut off meeting someone new for the sake of becoming a winter snuggle-buddy?

This is what I'm doing, um, I mean what I think should be done. Date! Have fun, see movies, but don't make any life decisions and definitely don't make any bedroom decisions that you may regret after the winter fog has cleared. Capish?

After the coats are shed, tucked away and loafers are traded for summer sandals and you get to see the toes you've played footsie with...will your cuffing season evolve into more?

Have you received this text message? Then ask yourself, "Have I been cuffed?"

~Keshia Dawn

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