Saturday, January 31, 2015

Loosing Is Winning

Play big or go home! It's all about winning, right? I mean who wants to lose at anything? Not a game, and especially not in life.

But could we stand to loose the reins a bit? Especially when we only think we're winning.

Have you ever held on to something far too long?  Did it become more of a burden than actually enjoying the purpose of it being there in the first place? Let's face it,  we hold tight to things beyond the moment of need and alot of times that can be detrimental to our lives.

We hold on to our pretty pink pumps when our halves are up and bunions start growing. We hold on to attitudes way past being apologized to and we clinch for dear life to the fact we could have almost gotten into those high-waist jeans if it weren't for that cheeseburger.


We even hold on to the toothpaste tube too long,  so long that we spend more time fighting to get the little paste that's left rather than grab a new tube and enjoy the freshness.

Oh, how many times, ladies, have you held on to a number in your phone which is linked to the guy who has broken your heart repeatedly instead of deleting it all together and just accepting that if it were meant to simply would be?


This one I know all too well; holding on to what seems incurable heartache from years ago making it impossible to receive the beauty and love being offered in the present. It's all because the familiar feeling of what seems to be an inch of love,  strokes our ego and makes us feel a part of something we long for. Yep,  even if it no longer serves you.

Familiar is like my favorite pair of Christmas pajamas I wear year round (in between washes) because they feel so snug and bring me just the comfort I feel I can only accomplish with them. But those same familiar, snuggalicious, body warmers are the same pajamas that nearly suffocate me in the summer's heat. When I try to keep what I'm use to all because I'm fearful changing my direction will leave me feeling (naked) uncomfortable, it leaves me restless, bothered and searching for air.

In actuality that's what happens when you loose your hold on others who aren't willing to hold you back; it leaves you feeling exposed, uncomfortable and maybe even alone. But the beginning of things aren't always the best; sometimes you have to stick it out through the turbulence of the unknown in order to get to your peace.

It's best to keep in mind that it is indeed okay to loose yourself from people who no longer bring you comfort or care about your world.  In some cases it's not imperative to have to totally lock the door behind them but rather, like my pajamas, knowing they have a special place in your life and that is ok to fold them up and move to a different season; You always know where they are.

Loose the grip of what is in your comfort zone and what is familiar just because it shows up. A tornado shows up in tornado valley but it only brings devastation. Hmmm.

When you loose the emotional, physical, mental and even soul-ties which bring you heartache and discomfort, the ball is in your court. You're the coach who calls the shots, the referee who controls the game and with that combo there is no need for a score keeper. When you loose what isn't productive but what can potentially be poison, the winning begins and ends with you.

~Keshia Dawn

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