Monday, January 12, 2015

Vision of Love

Most of us have settled in the new year. We have visions and promises of 2015 being all that and a bag of chips. Our vision boards are filled with images of our dream jobs, vacations abroad, paid off credit cards and of course love and more love.

Our education prepares us to seek out our favorable and lucrative career moves. Visiting the Post Office all dolled up for our passport identification sets us in the right direction to vacation on beautiful beaches and tops of snow-filled mountains. Even our budgeting and making bills one our priorities helps us reach our desired credit score.

What about love?

Being amongst other singles who feel as if they are ready to build a love relationship, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has cut and paste the words or symbols which define love, on  to their vision boards.

Yes. I really did!

Though I'm excited about it, it hasn't always been this way.

Now It's easy to admit how ready I am for the mushy, huggy type stuff while holding hands in the park kind of love, because I've worked out the kinks in my heart. But at one point I ran from love, afraid of what it would or would not do for me. I was especially scared of what it could do to my happiness and peace, being that love had been presented in a negative way once before. To say I was extra fearful of being vulnerable is an understatement.

Then I got sick and tired of pushing love away and its opportunities it brought with it. Deciding to come clean with myself about my fears put me on a path to work on building my relation-self, i.e., forgiving myself and others, falling in love with the best me I could possibly be.

Having a wonderful relationship with my future beau is very much in my vision, but I knew I would never reach him without finding all of me. 

Mind. Body. Soul.

Once I searched out my truths by recognizing I had been harboring a negative definition of what love is and where the fear had come from, I took to readjusting my thinking, beginning with the love I felt I deserved for myself. Then I had to realize my true hearts desire and became dedicated to reversing the way I had accepted and even given out love.

I may be at a point where I now freely allow myself to be sought after by love, but one thing remains and is very important to hold on to; being able to receive and accept the love you deserve always and will forever begin with the love you have for you.

~Keshia Dawn

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