Tuesday, June 3, 2014

S.L.O.W. Down

I had the pleasure of attending a wedding this weekend and love was in the air. The festivities had a way of putting an extra curve to my smile and dreaminess to my thoughts. But I slowed it down real quick, don't worry.

You see it hasn't been that long ago since I've come off of my fear factor high of running from vulnerability. Although I'm trekking along nicely, I still have a ways to go. And that's a good thing.

Think about it single people! After you've gone through so many battles in you're singleness, and in your destroyed before it's even started relationships, you have to slow the buggy down in order to get back on the straight and narrow. Date yourself for a moment, gather the knowledge you need from past mistakes or lessons learned before hopping back on the saddle.

So many bypass the moment of self awareness and jump right to the next big love affair when in actuality they are missing out on loving the one who will be there for years to come; self. Without taking a break between dating and relationships, growth can be stalled, thinking become hazed, making a concoction for mind, body and soul deterioration.So what do you do? You just simply, S.L.O.W. Down. 

Speak, Listen, ObserveWed or have the courage to Walk away. That's right. There really is a method to my madness and I'm ready to share it with you. Please be on the look out for my summer release:

S.L.O.W. Down: A Single Woman's Guide to Overcoming The Fear of Vulnerability and The Necessary Steps to Take Before Dating

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