Monday, November 24, 2014

Thank You

Wooosahhhh. In the last couple of days, I've been in my feelings, as the young folk say but the moment I ran across John Patrick Adams' blog entry, "You Helped Me" I knew I had to complete what I had started.

He references running into individuals from his past and them almost being in awe that he is okay, looking good and put together. After an exchange of pleasantries from the other party, he thanks them but more for himself because in hindsight, whatever it was they did or didn't do, it ultimately helped him become who he is. 


I too ran into my past and it was quaint and cute for the dinner party we attended via a mutual friend and the conversation that came after...but like some good things, the past brought the messiness it left with; someone who once broke the friendship, girl-code and left with the title acquaintance.  Instead of going into hissy fit mode (I finally crawled out) I had to really calm down and figure out what this moment was teaching me.

These days I'm all about sisterhood, so of course that would be tested, right? My understanding of an individual relationship with self, it being one of the most important relationships that will exist, I know if it's not 100%, misery will hunt for company.

You don't have to have diamonds, money, cars or  be the Who's Who of America for people to dislike you. It can be your ministry, your personality or even your ability to overcome obstacles in life, that make people dislike you. Crazy? Yeah, I know.

But with each person who lend themselves to be your battle, thank them in advance and know they are helping you.

So I salute!

Thank you for helping break up an already broken relationship;  It had ran it's course and I was holding on because it was familiar
Thank you for helping me realize the difference between friend and acquaintance
Thank you for helping me realize my heart is big enough to forgive
Thank you for helping me realize I didn't pray for you after you did what you did but now I am
Thank you for helping me realize how I truly am a great person for being able to laugh, talk, and reminisce on days of old with you, even when you darkened part of that world. I moved on.

You helped me realize that I'm going in the direction God has for me; to help young ladies overcome low-self esteem and to lift one another, believing true sisterhood really does exist.

My heart is clean, there is no bitterness, no hate and no confusion. For me to be able to hug you, break bread with you and still smile your way after your 2014 entrance, I still pray you find your peace and comfort in life.

...when your purpose is tested, all you can say is Thank You!