Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Did It

Sex In The City, a movie that will go down in history for most women!

It was something about that television series that liberated us. It showed us how we can be young, gifted, gorgeous and free. Time with our girls, working hard for our future and of course teaching us a thing or two about love and dating.

The show captured so many questions women around the globe want to know. Am I his type? Will he ask me out? Are we a couple? And of course, will he ask me to marry him? It was a lifeline to discussions we were already having and gave plenty of answers to questions we were too afraid to ask.

But there was one guy that made a difference in it all...yes, definitely Blair in his short stay, but for the long haul, Big made his mark in all of our lives. He was everyone's boyfriend. And you know what that means?

He broke all of our hearts! Yes, time and time again. Carrie's clones cried with her and for her with every hug and kiss Big pounded on her being. And just like that, every time he disappeared, walked away, our tears fell again.

So yes, Big did it. He helped sketch the possibility that love isn't long lasting, could be long lasting, but is not long lasting, but is; but it isn't, long lasting. Ugh. Big did it. He helped set the fear in love.

What was your fear factor in love?

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