Thursday, May 15, 2014

How I feel Today

I'm so excited about my new blog and the avenue it's presenting not only for me but some of my closest friends. Please enjoy the entry below.

I know nothing about blogging & I'm not a writer but this is how I feel today...

Have you ever sat and thought about your life and immediately said "I need a do over." You think about all of the hell you've gone through or currently going through and just wish you could go back and do things over to erase the past. That's where I am now! Absolutely nothing can erase the hurt and pain I've gone through but if I got a "do over" I would certainly make some different choices.  People I've allowed in my life would no longer be there, I would avoid situations I never should have been in and I would make wiser decisions.

The reality is that I can't turn back the hands of time and do things over again. All I can do is figure out how to deal with the hand I've been dealt. Sounds pretty easy but it's not, especially when what I'm dealing is through no fault of my own. It's also a reality that no matter how hard I try to live a model life (although I slip up from time to time) bad things still happen. Then I start to think "what's the point in trying to live right and still go through hell." Can I just get a "do over" and erase this crap from my life because right now life sucks? Nope!!

So what am I supposed to do to move forward when the past continues to meet the present? I know I need to focus on the cliche that what's to come is so much better than what's been. Ummm, when the past keeps slapping me in the face all I can say is "this sure as hell doesn't look like greater!!"Now since I can't get a "do over" what am I supposed to do?

 You tell me....


  1. If only do overs were possible. I'm learning to take the good with the bad and build on it. I'm also learning that we must heal from hurts both past and present, and healing takes a long hard acceptance of who we are. Circumstances from our childhood cannot be dismissed, although we had no choice in the decisions, we cannot allow the bad ones to dictate our future. We try, albeit failing at times, must make the choice to change what we felt was wrong or misplaced as a child and change it in our adult lives. We musn't allow our past to dictate our present or future.

  2. Thank you Charlie for your comment. I agree, it is a process, long and hard. And yes we can overcome if only we focus on our present and future ahead. Thank you!!

  3. I would literally give blood to get a do over. However, I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. The good the bad and the ugly all help to mold us into who are and who we are to become. Just think, had you not had that bad experience you wouldn't be able to share with someone who is currently going through the same thing, had you not had that good experience you wouldn't have anything to compare to the not so good. So when the past continues to pop up, you have to remember to handle it differently than you did before.

  4. You are right! Our obstacles mold who we are to become. It's all about the strength to get through!! Thank you!