Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fearful of What?

Lions,  tigers and bears, oh my! And yes! 

Definitely understandable to be fearful of big bad animals with sharp teeth and claws. Right?  But love. Why so fearful about love?  

For me, in my dating, relationship, make-up to break-up world, it wasn't the male species I was particularly fearful of.  No, not at all. Rather it was the in between I didn't know about. Yep, I was one of those; confused about the unknown.Why? Besides being cookoo for Coacoa Puffs, doing so would consist of total trust.

Total trust meant I would believe there would never be lies, cheating,  abandonment or  any level of abuse. It would mean I had an honest friend, a best friend at that. It would mean I could count on my right hand man for, if not all, most of my needs. 

It would mean I'm labeling myself to be that same person to him as he was to me. The same person?  Being his best friend, having his back and no lying and cheating. So maybe the fear after all wasn't in him and what he would and wouldn't do, but rather what I could or couldn't.

Trust is very important in relationships and without it there can be no growth. Trust first begins within. You have to trust yourself, your prayers and the answer you receive, enough to know the value you have to give and the love you deserve to receive.

Trust much?

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