Monday, May 12, 2014

Rose-Coloured Glasses

There was a time when I would gloat on what I thought was perfection in other relationships outside of my own. And I'm talking about relationships on every level; parents, siblings, friends, boyfriend, etc... Definitely a case of  being on the outside looking in.

Whenever there was a disagreement of some sort and arguments would surface, it would leave me feeling like a failure,  as if somehow along the way we missed the love mark. I just knew we could learn a thing or two from  other people and how to handle one another with care. But what I didn't realize until years later, seeking perfection in any one person or relationship can leave you unnecessarily ravaged. 

No one should live this life expecting perfection in any one human being. Respect, yes. Perfection? No way. It doesn't exist.

Not one relationship; not a set of siblings, parent/child relationship, boss/employee, no not one is immune from life's circumstances.

The level of perfection we put on ourselves and others can wear us down. I know it did for me. I just knew that anything outside of smiles and laughter was irregular, but I kept living and found out it couldn't be further from the truth. If you love, you love through good and bad. Even with tears at time. 

Running away from normal obstacles in my relationships tired me out, hindered my vulnerability and ultimately injured my trust abilities. Knowing is half the battle.  We are human and no one is perfect.

Ever seek perfection in an imperfect world?

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