Thursday, October 9, 2014

Giving Chances

In all of the dating world, we pretty much go after what we like. Right? But what would happen if we turned things around and gave chances to someone or something out of our norm?
When you’ve been labeled as someone who continuously picks from the same cactus patch instead of the bed of roses, what happens when you  turn it all around? You know, ditch the Timberlands or bust attitude, read all of the handbooks you possibly can, and go to the altar seeking prayer from your wayward dating-wrong-can’t-get-it-right self? Or something like that.
Let’s see, how can I say this? Hmmm, give in. Give in to someone who you know or think you know will not be your cup of tea and settle for what society says will be the ideal catch. I guess I should ask, what happens when you give chances? I’ll tell you.
It enlightens you, brings hope back into your dead-dating world and refreshes your ideas of this grandiose love affair you’ve designed in your colorful brain; it hands you anticipation for love once again.  It shows how you may have been a little na├»ve to what is right for you, your wants and your needs.
To add, you gain the best dating experience ever. Because you aren’t expecting anything from “your type” but rather enjoy the freshness and the realness of what you really long for instead of what you think you want, a true dating capability is finally allowed a chance.
It opens a door for loving possibilities….BUT
There is the elephant in the room. I know it will be questioned, soooo.  Even with all of the niceness, proper dating and the availability for love, what do you do when your belly doesn’t jump? There is no rumble in your tummy, butterflies in your gut and the connection you want there to be…doesn’t exists? It’s just something that won’t allow you to mesh. Or so you think.
With each relationship, I’ve grown in the department in knowing that everything on my checklist isn’t guaranteed. The height, the look, the singling capabilities (ha! Joking). But seriously, you grow from the superficial reflection of your yesteryear and evolve into an adult who realizes there is more to life than matching shirts on fair day. 
Chemistry, to some extent, is what you make it. The connection grows in the way you tend, nurture and give it room to cultivate.  What helps with this? Realizing you  just may not be someone’s first draft pick yourself. Ah ha! See, it’s a possibility you’ve been given a chance.
The way we date, with eyes wide open, minds shut off just may be the cause of our drought in the dating/relationship department. Maybe giving chances to someone who may just be giving us a chance is the way to go?
You think?

~Keshia Dawn

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