Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Are You NOT Willing To Do?

What are you not willing to do... that she did?

Looking out into the dating world sometimes leaves me with a gasp. Heck, I even look back on the things I've done and turn my head.  Tsk, tsk. But we live and we learn.

Now before I start I will say, I'm all for equality, BUT don't believe the hype, chivalry is only dead if you bury it yourself. With that being said...

I see young women, heck even older women who are fighting for their "loyalty" to be noticed by the men they have eyed and set out to conquer. From asking men out, picking up the tab...everytime, even first dates and let's not forget being at their beck in call for any and everything. Oh and did I mention this was all before the whole, will you be my girlfriend question.

One of my characters in my latest fiction novel, Cut to the Chase, goes above and beyond to show her devotion which in turn leaves the man with little to do.

 Does going this route make one a better candidate or does it put the woman in the, this chic will do anything for a man, category?

 Do men really test this way? Are women doing too much to become a girlfriend?

I'm no man so I would dare answer this but it seems as if the going thing is to spread yourself thin while he chooses who is down for him the most?

What say you? Men... care to chime in?

Keshia Dawn


  1. Where are these women you are talking about:)

  2. Hey Robert!!!iSo are you saying that would make her a keeper? Hmmmm lol